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This is your one-stop shop for all things related to internal development. Born out of a deep life-long passion for understanding human nature, what makes us well and what keeps us unwell I’ve spent over 10 years researching, personally studying and practicing to develop a virtually encyclopedic knowledge and mastery of self-development from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. In this website you’ll find more info about me and the services that I offer but for the most part this will develop into a more comprehensive/blog or wiki for all the topics that fall under the umbrella of human development. I approach these topics from a grounded and practical attitude that assumes not everyone will be interested in gaining a deep background in science, spirituality or metaphysics and as such this should be as simple and direct as possible cause a lot of us just want something easy that works for us in terms of the issues and pursuits that we find most meaningful. Whether you’re working with me personally, with others from other perspectives or just by yourself you will find benefit in the approaches and attitudes expressed here. My hope is that we can share and develop a better collective understanding of how to be happy and healthy together that isn’t limited to a single belief system or way of life but is compatible and applicable to any and every way a person might be predisposed to explore their life from.