Who Am I?

Joe Rojas

Life Coach, Energy Worker, Mindfulness Teacher, Metaphysican, Consciousness Technician/Artist

I’m a guy that’s extremely passionate about consciousness. I vibed with the teachings of the Buddha as a teenager which lead me on a path that would result in an ever deepening series of dramatic shifts in consciousness that lit up my heart and inspired me to dedicate myself to shareing the benefits of these kinds of understandings and practices. My desire to understand the nature of these shifts in a universal and non-dogamtic way lead me to dive more deeply into the nature of the mind and human experience from philosophical, psychological, neurophysiological and a variety of other traditional perspectives including but not limited to: Christianity, Taoism and Vedanta. Along my journey I’ve extensively studied metaphysics and tested the more far out claims of these kinds of traditions. I’m certified as Clear Beliefs Coach, informed by developmental psychology and trained in helping others identify and transform subconscious limiting beliefs. I’m also certified as a pracitcioner, coach, and instructor of The Wonder Method, an energy healing and awakening modality focused on cultivating deep sensitivity, intuition, as well as emotional regulation and transmutation abilities to allow for accelerated healing and the awakening of our dormant potential. I utilize this cumulative experience, my skills , and a fine-tuned intuition to help recognize and resolve most any kind of internally rooted issue anyone might come to me with and dramatically shorten the distance between what they hope to acheive and who they feel themselves to be now. My specialty is teaching the same internal skills I’ve cultivated to empower others to be their own healers, turn lifes obstacles into fuel, evolve consciousness, and exponentially deepen in their unique journey.

Whether you’re looking for stress relief, freedom from traumas and habits, put rocket fuel into your evolution, or develop a deeper connection with yourself and life; I’m here to help 🙂

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