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Due to the nature of my background I’m able to coach from a very broad variety of approaches and be as general or particular as called for by the wants and needs of the unique individual I’m working with. Here you’ll find a few descriptions of the most common approaches people might be coming to coaching for to get a better sense of which if any might be of interest to you. There’s actually a lot of overlap with the only real difference often being the primary perspective we’re starting from. The common underlying thread in any of these approaches is the recognition of an issue/goal and the desire to develop greater self-awareness in order to clarify, heal and develop a more satisfying present and future.

I am your humble guide in helping you increase your self-awareness and capability at any and every level. In a world where it can sometimes be so tricky to find people that can not only understand let alone give genuinely useful guidance on our internal lives, I and others like me are in your corner.

  1. Life Coaching
  2. Emotional Coaching
  3. Meditation Coaching
  4. Energy Coaching
  5. Spiritual Coaching
  6. Energy Healing
  7. Classes

Life Coaching

Life coaching usually involves someone coming to me with a goal or vision for their life that they either have mixed feelings about or seems so far and unclear they feel they may need help reducing the gap between where they find themselves now and the future they’d like to experience. In this context I’ll work with you to bring clarity to the feelings and beliefs around this, digesting the emotions that limit you in your endeavor, unsticking the beliefs that limit you and uncovering/amplifying the deeper natural motivations that call you in that direction in the first place. There’s no requirement to dig deeply into your past traumas, if you’d really prefer no to, in order to be able to clearly recognize and digest the unresolved emotions that you feel are holding you back now. If you feel you need a structure or action plan we can develop that together and keep you on track. The bread and butter of our time together is guidance in learning and becoming proficient at internal skills and attitudes that will not only help you with a particular issue but a broad variety of other things you might stumble upon after our work is over.

At the end of our work you may find that there’s no concern left about your goal and that it may either seem effortlessly achievable or something that you have no lack of confidence in your ability to accomplish. If you’re unsure about your motivations for this goal or if the goal itself was not as clearly understood as you thought you’ll find clarity, resolution and the possibility that the things you actually wanted from it are much closer than you think if not already available to you. Often times it is the case that we go out or think we need to go out searching for treasure that was already hidden within us all along. In those times it can be a tremendous relief to have an outside observer point that out.

Emotional Coaching

(Includes Leadership/Social Skills/Charisma/Dating/Relationships)

Emotional coaching is a bit more self-explanatory. The human experience can be tricky and/or messy with the emotions that can come with it and the lack of preparation most of us got in understanding and working with them. We can often experience a sense of turmoil and dismay about our emotional lives and the lack of clarity and health within them. Emotional coaching focuses on developing emotional intelligence for ourselves and becoming proficient enough at it that we can start to very effectively digest the unresolved or stuck emotional traumas of the past in order to experience a rejuvenated sense of freshness, appreciation and enjoyment of life. Emotionally intelligent people experience less interpersonal conflict, shorter periods of distress and easier time resolving differences. If you’re tired of feeling tired or of the person you’ve been used to being transforming the way you feel is the foundation for true transformation. 

Emotional Intelligence is also the cornerstone of charisma, social skills and relationships. Because emotions are contagious when we find it easy to enjoy ourselves and be playful the others around us often find it easier to do so themselves. With the right attitude social situations that may have prompted anxiety before may be met with joy and confidence. When we are truly secure within ourselves no situation can make us insecure. The genuineness of a person and confidence the quality of true security inspires is something that people are naturally drawn to, look up to, praise and try to learn from. When we’re unstuck emotionally our creative floodgates are opened and our humor naturally shines.

When it comes to relationships, emotional intelligence is how you maintain these and smoothly resolve the hiccups and conflicts that naturally arise. We’re often blinded to the common ground in our situations by the weight of our emotions and personal histories. If we’re fortunate we can calm down sooner or later and realize this common ground. Even more fortunately this doesn’t have be left completely to luck or happenstance. Through understanding, we can make it our second nature to be able to see past our differences, acknowledge the perspective of another and continue to prioritize our connection and unity over those differences. Alternatively, if it makes better sense for a relationship to end or change we can utilize these same skills to facilitate its close or transformation on good terms.

As you have a better understanding for how to balance and channel your own emotions, you develop a clearer and more effective ability to understand, balance and channel the emotions of others. This has deep implications for the communities and organizations we’re a part of as the collective emotional intelligence of a group of people is often the determining factor in their success/failure in maintaining harmony and achieving their goals. Emotional intelligence is the bedrock of leadership, effective management and charisma. If even one person in an organization starts to develop and utilize these skills they can not only exponentially expand the value they offer that organization but model and gradually make these skills something that everyone can benefit from individually.

Whether you come to me as an individual or as a member or leader of an organization I can work with you to develop yourself in a way that’s most directly relevant to your situation. I can also work with couples or groups to learn collectively and/or mediate pre-existing conflicts. 

By the time our work together is over you will feel significantly more equipped to handle the complex world of human emotion and interaction with ease, grace and satisfaction. No longer do you have to be limited by feelings and history beyond your control.

Meditation Coaching

Meditation is an internal tool for debugging and optimizing the mind as well as deepening the mind-body connection and its benefits. It is the single greatest set of principles for developing one’s self-awareness and internal health. Through meditation, people experience relaxation, greater emotional well-being, concentration ability, clarity and usefulness of thinking. To what extent one experiences more or less of some of these is dependent on the style of meditation, how it was taught to them as well as the regularity and volume of practice.

A lot of people find it tough to understand or be motivated to practice. This doesn’t have to be the case. Meditation can be easy, effortless and enjoyable. In this form of coaching I work with you to make it accessible and so obviously self-rewarding that the question of motivation becomes less of an issue.

Some people are 5-20 minutes a day types that are seeking support with their lives. Others are the 30-minute- hours a day types that are seeking breakthroughs in awareness, mental performance and sense of identity. Whichever type you are, whether you’re still figuring out how to start a practice or are years deep into one or more styles I can help. The most important thing about meditation isn’t the actual practice itself but the principles you develop in it that are applicable in your everyday life. If you’re really not looking for a formal practice but to directly understand and work with the principles I’m happy to work with you in that way as well.

Having thousands of hours of study(not just systems of meditation but how different people react to and benefit to them over time) and practice under my belt I can confidently say I am an expert on meditation, mindfulness, and all of its different approaches. No approach whether it be breath, fire-gazing, silence, mantra, open-awareness, nonmeditation or beyond is foreign to me. I can make what you’re already working with simpler and more effective, introduce new techniques and/or custom-tailor one for you on the spot. I can also effectively diagnose whatever hiccups one may be experiencing and help make sure one’s approach is reliably developing the qualities intended by the individual or system.

Due to the nature of this work some people may be seeking long-term support beyond simply getting started. In that spirit, I offer discounted packages for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings.

Energy Coaching

(Includes Cultivation/Work, Healing and Kundalini)

Some of us are naturally more sensitive or have developed a sensitivity to subtler sensations within our experience that some call energy. This energy has been theorized by some to be what underlies and animates our mind, body and emotions. It has also been theorized that in working directly with that energy we have a vastly greater capacity to heal and optimize our performance on any and every level than is commonly believed. In my personal experience, I have found this to be the case.

Anyone can learn to perceive and work with this quite easily.  In energy coaching, I work with you to refine your sensitivity to and ability to work with energy so you can test and experience the results of this for yourself. Drawing from an experience in older models of energy healing( such as Buddhism, Chinese Medicine, Taoist Qigong/Neigong and Yoga) and newer ones (like Reiki, Quantum Touch and The Wonder Method) I will share with you the core principles and skills that underlie and make any of these approaches really work. Because of the subtler or deeper nature of this kind of work it naturally encompasses the other forms of coaching described on this page. Aside from offering healing and coaching I also offer 6-week group classes you can find out more about here.

By the end of our work together you will be able to reliably tune into your own sense of energy, balance it and change it as you desire as well as be equipped with the basics on how to do so for others. How learning and developing this looks like in everyday life varies from person to person but whats most consistently reported is an ever-deepening sense of ease and joy as well as an exponential expansion of ones ability to understand and work with anything life offers them.

Spiritual Coaching

(Includes Soul Work, Mysticism/Awakening/Enlightenment/Nonduality, Consciousness/Awareness and Metaphysics)

It has been recognized throughout the ages that some people experience a deep felt-sense of connection with the universe, the divine, god or whatever term you want to use for the biggest conceptual container you have for life or existence. This quality of experience carries substantial psychological, emotional and tangible life benefits. This is the reason why so many different traditions across the globe were inspired to develop spiritual systems independent of each other that actively helped shape how their populations evolved over time. Nowadays a lot of us are only familiar with stuff like this in the context of transpersonal psychology, flow states, being ‘in the zone’, peak experiences and Self-actualization. In that sense the realization of this kind of work can be understood as having your life be an ever-increasing peak experience as a default.

While many of us can have momentary experiences of this, some of us experience this daily and a few of us experience this as the natural default of our experience. These greater stages of human development are becoming more widely recognized and researched as an extension of having validated the benefits of meditation both short and long-term. There can be a lot of mythologizing around this topic and the individuals that started movements related to this kind of experience. Its hard to say what was true, what was mythology, both or something in between from an outsider’s perspective. Regardless it can be said that anyone can experience this and find out the truth or exaggeration of these things for themselves. In this form of coaching, I guide you in realizing this directly in your own experience.

I’m familiar and well versed in the traditional approaches to this (Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga/Vedanta, and Christianity in that order) as well as modern approaches heavily informed by neuroscience. The goal here is not to give you a belief system but take you experientially to what those belief systems point to and let you naturally find your own unique way of relating to and expressing it. This can equally be done in a purely scientific or nonspiritual context just as well. Enlightenment genuinely doesn’t care how you get there and the different strokes are just because there are different kinds of folks. Most people who experience this are actually outside of the public eye leading relatively normal-sounding lives with the only difference being that their lives are continuously illuminated and supported by this deeper awareness which makes the biggest difference.

This being the deepest and subtlest work not only does it naturally encompass the other approaches on this page but it also fully clarifies how and why all of these things are so connected. This kind of work is my true passion and everything I offer is in service to help people at least get closer to realizing this potential for themselves even if they don’t fully realize it all the way while working with me.

If you’re more inclined to talk about the nature of life, metaphysics and the journey of the soul I can act as a spiritual friend, guide and intermediary. If you’re already somewhat informed about this kind of stuff and developed it for yourself I can help you refine and deepen this. I can work with your preferred approach or take it beyond approaches or structures. If you’re more interested in the ‘how’ more so than popular theories of the ‘what’ I can act as an instructor of internal skills. However you prefer to relate to this truly has no bearing on this work. What’s most important is that you experience the tangible results this can offer.

By time time you’re done working with me in this context you will have tasted these states repeatedly and learned how to access it for yourself more and more reliably. How long or short it may take to fully stabilize this varies from person to person depending on their personal baggage, motivation and consistency in reflecting upon this in more and more dimensions of life. On average it can be anywhere between a few weeks to a few months for some and a gradual evolution over a couple of years for those who are more lax about it. Regardless of who you find yourself to be at this time there is not one person that hasn’t appreciated and benefited tremendously from learning this 🙂

Energy Healing

In energy healing sessions rather than actively learning the skills for how to work through things yourself you can take a break from worrying about anything as I open up our fields to the infinite energetic potential to enliven healing, clarity and resolution for any issue you might be experiencing. Though I experientially draw from Buddhism, Chinese Medicine, Taoism, Reiki, Quantum Touch, and other approaches I mainly work with The Wonder Method as a model nowadays. (Ultimately these are all just lenses from which to relate to something that’s actually pretty simple and universally available.) Its a very gentle approach in which rather than demanding or forcing change we set a welcoming energetic environment that naturally invites the healing potential within the issue and system as a whole. We explore how far our system is able or willing to heal at the time and deepen the effect over further sessions as needed. In this way we don’t rush the system to meet our demands, we gently encourage it back into harmony. When we do this we’re often surprised at how quickly and dramatically things can improve. We’ve yet find a real limit to the applications of this work.

In this context I support you in resolving emotional, energetical, mental, physical and spiritual blockages. During these kinds of sessions one may often experience a sense of deepened relaxation on all levels, heightened awareness, sensations of energy (heat, coolness, pulsing, vibrating, electricity and so on), shifts in attitude and overall outlook, spontaneous insights on the nature of and/or resolution of issues as well as mystical or peak experiences. Some people experience the tangible effects more readily while others may not. It’s largely dependent on one’s own sensitivity and development but regardless of whether or not one notices the effects of energy one will experience the results of the work in their life. The effects are most noticeable during and shortly after the session with subtler changes and adjustments unfolding for up to a week afterwards.

Sessions can be more silent or conversational, depending on how one feels at the time, as we casually ride the flows of the energetic process together from beginning to resolution.

Some issues can be resolved in one session, some are more deeply rooted and multi-faceted and may take more. Depending on how you want to approach it you can try out how your issue responds with one session and we can go from there. I’m primarily interested in people investing in this if they personally experience benefit. As such the first session for anyone is free.

This is a great way to sample this approach to energy healing, energy healing in general or get a sense for how it is to be on the receiving end before you commit to learning how to do this yourself.


I offer 6 week group classes on The Wonder Method in which you can learn the art of energy healing and awakening in a more structured format at a reduced rate than would otherwise be available through 1-on-1 coaching. You can find out more about these classes here.

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